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Only a small portion is usually visible, but is well established under the surface. It moves on its own to either "get in the way" or be a catalyst for amazing business performance.




Many effective organizations have mission and vision statements, company values or guiding principles, but only those with Excellent Cultures have people who actually live and act by these on a daily basis in all areas of their work. Great strategies are essential, but without a business culture to match, you'll get nowhere.




Culture, Leadership and Employee Engagement


Is your business culture a hidden assassin that's devouring your strategies as fast as you can implement them or organic fertilizer that's maximizing your strategic processes and enhancing effectiveness and long-term sustainability?  Excellent Cultures describes the importance of corporate values and employee engagement.  Adaptive cultures have been proven to be a significant factor in corporate success.

Values and Employee Engagement


Independent studies of values and employee engagement at The Harvard and London Business Schools, The University of Michigan and The Gallup Organization have revealed that:

  • 70+% of all change initiatives in corporations do not deliver the required results
  • 70+% of organizations have low performing cultures
  • 70+% of non-adaptive cultures are created by poor leadership interaction styles
  • 70+% of leaders create defensive behavior as a direct result of their leadership interaction styles
  • 70+% of American workers are actively disengaged in their work


A similar study of Fortune 500 companies by the American Management Association found that "less than 50% of changes were successful and employee resistance was the main reason for failure."



Peter Drucker taught us that "Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast."  While anything that the father of management taught is easy to embrace simply because he said it, most leaders have no idea how corporate culture helps a company to achieve success in business.

  • Do you know if your people are really buying in to your strategies or just head nodding and smiling to keep their jobs?
  • Do you know if your sales force is spending more energy competing against each other than they are your competitors?
  • Do your people come to consensus on business strategies and planning in your meetings only to have a second meeting after the meeting to sabotage what you thought was a consensus?
  • Do your people really set and achieve goals that they are passionate about or are they faking you out?


While there's been lots of jargon lately about business values and employee engagement, you can have all the values you want in a passive defensive culture where people will head nod and smile but nothing will really change.  Just like a doctor uses an MRI, you need to diagnose your culture with scientific instruments to find out what's really going on below the surface.  Then you need to deploy the latest proven strategies to make the changes identified so you get sustainable results with measurable ROI.  Take the free preliminary Business Culture MRI or Ask Our Expert Culture Coaches for their complimentary advice on your unique challenge or situation.  They'll know what to do.

4 Simple Straightforward Steps

How we turn your organization into an organism of awe sum ness


Measure & Benchmark
Data benchmark your culture against the best excellent business cultures in the world. Use scientific Biz Culture MRI tools to address root causes in workforce's minds and hearts that drive engagement effectiveness & excellence.

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Change How Leaders Lead
70% of all business leaders cause resistance & passive defensive responses. Use Leadership Calibration Coaching to bypass feely-touchy & engage your people to own your vision, love their work & get fast results for positive business change.

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Employee Engagement
Overcome resistance to change & create true engagement. Data based Breakthrough Thinking Workshops engage hearts & minds with guided self discovery to own your desired culture.

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Business Process Sustainment
Process improvement breakthroughs bog down and & stagnate when people resist changes. Align systems with measurable behaviors owned by your workforce so that culture thrives & breakthroughs are sustained with real business process improvement .

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70% of all business change initiatives fail to deliver the expected results to improve performance. The most common cause is insufficient focus on people and the resistance to change inherent in all human beings.


Excellent Cultures' approach involves both advanced scientific tools and groundbreaking process workshops with our amazing business consultants to thoroughly transform your organization from the inside out.



People Don't Change...

Getting people’s attention – let alone their focus and passion – is a huge challenge. Excellent Cultures' learning tools engage the free will of your people to identify what they want to change as opposed to what changes are being demanded by their leaders or other external forces. Our learning processes identify barriers and effectively change that which they “want to” change. Newly discovered levels of achievement, excitement and confidence in their ability to perform are transitioned to focus on work-related performance identified in your Excellent Cultures Business Culture MRI assessment. Their new level of confidence makes work become exciting, improving employee engagement and they raise the bar on their own without external pushing. Over 70% of negative employee reactions and reduced productivity result from poor leadership. Our assessment tools clearly define where leaders are providing ineffective leadership and provide them with concise, actionable criteria to improve employee engagement and the performance of their people.

Outcomes You Can Expect


Empowered Leaders who understand and utilize leadership methods unique to their own personal style that cause immediate positive performance results, increased employee engagement and Associates who are motivated to outperform previous contribution levels.

Ensured long-term success of your best and most valued people; increased teamwork and spirit, and new systems and processes to sustain high performance.

For data and statistics on consultants improving business performance take a look at our client case studies.


Our clients see amazing measurable results because we use data driven tools and proven scientific processes in our business strategy consulting services developed from over 30 years of experience.


The most important first step of the Excellent Cultures culture transformation is an assessment by our strategic planning business consultants to identify the right plan and process for maximizing your people and organization.


Excellent Cultures Business Culture MRI


Over the years working on building, developing, transforming and growing hundreds of high performance business cultures, it became apparent to the strategic management consultants at Excellent Cultures that the process while effective was somewhat subjective, squishy, Jello-like and hard for business leaders to get their minds around.  Thus business culture eluded strategic management consultants and fell more into the laps of organizational development specialists and therapists.  As time went on Excellent Cultures experimented with any number of data based assessments and tools to improve the effectiveness of the process while making it more objective, numbers driven and business friendly.


It was apparent that business leaders lived with financials, metrics and numbers everyday and that culture fell into the warm and fuzzy or psychobabble category.  Statistics on consultants improving business culture has always been a needed component to the human resource management business process.


In 1992, Harvard Business School Professors John P. Kotter and James L. Heskett published Corporate Culture and Performance.  The book summarized 11 years of study of 207 firms with the operative question being “What impact does the culture of a business have on its financial performance?”  The results not only verified that primary financial indicators of business success like revenue, employment growth, shareholder value and profitability were dramatically impacted by the culture of the businesses studied but that business cultures fell into two categories, Adaptive and Non-Adaptive.  Also identified was that the adaptive culture outperformed the non-adaptive ones over the 11 year period:


1. 682% to 166% in revenue growth
2. 282% to 36% in employee growth
3. 901% to 74% in stock price performance


And a shocking


4. 756% to 1 in Profitability


So the case for measurable impact of business culture on business financials was made and how corporate culture helps companies to success in business became a proven fact.


20 years earlier in 1971 Dr. J Clayton Lafferty completed pioneering work at the University of Michigan developing a series of instruments contributing to the effective measurement of individual and organizational behavior and their impact on business culture which are still used around the world today in shaping values and employee engagement as well as international human resource management.  Dr. Lafferty’s work has been published in many human resource management business process publications.


In the late 80’s strategic management consultants at Excellent Cultures began to work with a number of the scientific instruments made available by Dr. Lafferty and the processes published by Harvard’s Dr. Kotter and Dr. Heskett and others to establish a measurable benchmarking process for defining, improving and monitoring the progress of a business culture.  While the statistically valid science based culture, leadership and people performance instruments have been valuable, today’s business leaders require boiled down bottom line easy to understand and scalable tools.  Easy to read and understand scientific-academic jargon free assessments and reports that provide easy actionable criteria are the order of the day today at Excellent Cultures.  The codified content, improved and distilled versions of these works are available today in Excellent Cultures’ Business Culture MRI Series.  The Business Culture MRI is available in any number of customizable formats using various scientific instruments to measure and benchmark the culture, leadership effectiveness and individual performance of a business and its people.  Excellent Cultures’ simple scalable 4-Step Process  combines the best scientific instruments in the Business Culture MRI with Seasoned Professional Coaches and Proprietary Data Driven Processes all of which guarantee amazing returns in short periods of time.  Now it’s easy to find out what hidden beliefs, mindsets and attitudes that can sabotage the success of your business are lurking below the surface of your culture. Don’t be among those who preach mom and apple pie mission statements, ethics and corporate values only to discover that no one is really living them out in the business or with your customers where it really counts.  Take the complimentary seven-minute Business Culture MRI NOW to assess your business culture.