I eat mission statements for snack time.

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The World’s Best Leaders share breakthrough ideas and concepts on Salient Subjects

EVEE Podcast Podcasts: Ethics, Values & Employee Engagement
Do Ethics in the Workplace and Values have anything to do with Employee Engagement? How about Corporate Culture? Does it influence the success of a Business as much as strategic planning business consultants or critical issues for human resource management? Listen in to some of world’s best leaders. High Performance CulturePodcasts: High Performance Culture
Businesses who perform at their peak do more than hire strategic management consultants or understand organizational studies and human resource management. They make the connection with emotional intelligence in corporate business and produce breakthrough performance. Listen in to some of world’s best leaders.

Lean Safety Podcast

Podcasts: Lean Culture / Safety Culture
Do Lean Process and Safety have anything in common? Can you have effective Lean Process without a Lean Culture? Does the Culture of a business influence Workplace Safety? Find out how corporate culture helps company to success in business. Listen in to some of the world’s best leaders share breakthrough lean and workplace safety ideas.